Steven-Juain-YoungAugusta Homegrown Talent, Steven Juain Young is an accomplished playwright, actor and educator. He has performed in and around Central Arkansas at places such as the Arkansas Repertory Theater, The Weekend Theater and the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center a museum of African American History. He will perform “Front Porch Talk – Thank God For Augusta” at the 2015 reunion in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Essie Oglesby Nichols




Essie Olgesby Nichols spent her formative years in August and attended Carver Elementary and High School. She moved back to Chicago in 1965 and graduated from Lucy Flowers High School in 1967. Ms. Nichols graduated from Chicago State University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.

After 39 years in corporate America Ms. Nichols returned to Augusta. Upon her return she became a member of St. Luke Baptist Church, served as Secretary of Commerce, member of the Improvement Club, Secretary of the Quiet Cemetery and member of the business and pleasure club. Ms. Nichols took an active role with the Help Keep Arkansas Beautiful Project and is involved with St. Luke’s feed the needy ministry.

For the City of Augusta, Ms. Nichols has served as the Deputy Court Clerk, Chief Court Clerk, Deputy City Clerk, City Clerk and is now Acting Mayor. She loves the City of Augusta and plans to run for Mayor.

She is the president of the Augusta Chapter of the National Chapter of the Augusta Club.



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