Augusta Club Little Rock Chapter hosts reunion August 6 – 9, 2015

RivermarketWelcome to Little Rock, Arkansas!
The reunion theme is “There’s No Place like Home.”
Thank you for sacrificing yourself, your funds and your time to help us celebrate in this joyous occasion, as we struggle through economical crisis. It is so good to be able to come home and remember how good God is to all of us.
As we look back on our journeys, let us celebrate victory and be thankful from whence we came. Let us remember the legacy in this reunion, from Augusta to Little Rock, and how we were taught that Arkansas is the Land of Opportunity. We have certainly proved that. Just look around you and see how blessed we are in all of our endeavors, successes and failures. Thank you for being with us in what is now the ‘Natural State.’

Reunion Site
Holiday Inn – Airport (near Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport)
3201 Bankhead Drive, Little Rock, Arkansas







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